Renewables like rooftop solar made sure there was enough energy to keep NSW running through the heatwave over the weekend. 

At its high point rooftop solar was contributing 20 percent in generation to the energy grid and as temperatures were rising on Saturday morning renewable energy contributed almost 40% of all energy consumed.

Contrary to reporting by the Daily Telegraph and anonymous commentary from Coalition politicians, it was renewables that kept the lights on in NSW.

Greens MP and spokesperson for energy David Shoebridge said: 

“Without renewables in the mix, the strain on the electricity grid would have been much higher through the extreme conditions at the weekend.

“As temperatures began to rise to above 40 degrees on Saturday morning renewables made up almost 40 percent of the power going into the grid.

“This data on renewables does not include the energy that was generated by rooftop solar and was consumed in homes and not fed into the grid. 

The publicly available data understates the true contribution of rooftop solar. 

“At its high point rooftop solar made up 20 percent of the energy being generated on the weekend. This is not unusual, because the Friday before the weekend rooftop solar’s share rose to over 22%.

“NSW now has over half a million rooftop solar installations, this number can be greatly increased by making rooftop solar mandatory on new dwellings, retrofitting public and social housing and introducing incentives for renters to buy into community energy projects.

“Only about one sixth of private dwellings in NSW have rooftop solar, three is huge untapped potential for renewable energy generation 

“The idea that we need to keep burning coal to keep the lights on is clearly a myth spread by politicians bankrolled by the coal lobby and regurgitated by right wing media.

“The truth is, without the boom in rooftop solar and the modest (but soon to massively increase) investment to date in renewables and hydro we would have had blackouts throughout the weekend 

“Renewables such as rooftop solar were tested over the weekend and passed with flying colours, the immediate task now is to change the policy settings to allow for a much greater uptake of renewables like rooftop solar,” said Mr Shoebridge. 

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