Media Alert: Strip search report show Parliament needs to do its job

The LECC Report into NSW Police strip searches delivered today exposes a system characterised by illegal searches, inappropriate invasion of privacy and the inflicting of unnecessary trauma on members of the public. 

The report’s 25 recommendations are primarily focused on ensuring police officers know the law and comply with it but there is also a clear need for Parliament to urgently fix these laws to protect both police and members of the public. 

Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Sheobridge said: 

“The LECC inquiry has uncovered routine and criminal law breaking by the police in how and when they undertake strip searches, and who they search. 

“It’s remarkable in decades of law and order politics in NSW that there have never been laws passed that hold police accountable for thousands of serious assaults against the public. 

“Police have been on notice about the problems with their strip search regime for well over a decade, yet unlawful searches have continued. It’s time for Parliament to step in and end that. 

“This report shows very clearly the urgent and necessary need to change the law relating to searches and strip searches to protect both police and the public. 

“The Greens presented a bill to Parliament just last month that would address all of the issues raised in this report including expressly prohibiting grossly invasive search tactics,” Mr Shoebridge said.