The Greens have long pushed for improvements in the regulation of the building sector in NSW. I have worked on this in my role as the Chair of the Public Accountability Committee.

People in NSW are genuinely shocked when they find out that there is no requirement for the people building multi-storey apartment buildings don’t have any required qualifications.

The Opal and Mascot Towers fiascos showed just how dangerous and damaging this can be for residents.

The current situation is the result of years of Labor and Liberal Governments allowing developers to write the rules for building and construction in NSW. The end result has been individuals facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs while the developers face no sanction or legal requirement to fix their shoddy construction.

We strongly support the registration of engineers in recognition of the high level qualification needed to do this kind of work. We will continue to work with Professionals Australia to get the right laws in place to protect homeowners and the engineers involved in this highly skilled field.