Corrective Services

Find out some of what David has been doing in this portfolio area.

The Greens NSW support moving away from incarceration as a solution to social problems, and supporting justice reinvestment, diversion programs and alternatives to prison – particularly for children, First Nations people and women. We work with families, current and former inmates, First Nations organisations, NGOs and other community groups to advocate for a more just justice system. The Greens NSW would bring all prisons in NSW into public hands and ensure the human rights of inmates are protected.

Rehabilitation programs and social support services in prisons in NSW continue to be cut, reducing opportunities for rehabilitation. Those in prison are denied access to meaningful education programs following privatisation of education services, and work programs provide menial work at extremely low wages for private corporations like QANTAS. Furthermore inmates are often deprived of meaningful contact with their families and the broader community. All of these factor contribute to re offending and the criminogenic effect of prisons in NSW.

We support demands for full accountability for deaths in custody and a comprehensive independent investigation into these deaths. We continue to campaign to implement the remaining recommendations from the Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody that would make prisons safer for First Nations people and others, while recognising that the safest option is to  reduce incarceration.

Find out some of what David has been doing in this portfolio area.

In June 2020 we successfully launched a Parliamentary Inquiry into First Nations deaths in custody. It is hoped this will be a useful pathway to implementing recommendations from the Royal Commission. Details of the inquiry are here.

The Greens NSW Criminal Justice policy guides our work in this area, the complete policy is available here.