Juvenile Justice

Young people do not belong in prisons. The Greens are committed to the principle of diverting young people from the court system and keeping them in their families and communities of support. We are also part of the Raise the Age campaign which seeks to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 which is one of the youngest in the world.Get the latest on David’s work in this portfolio.

There is an established link between homelessness, social disadvantage, family dysfunction, child abuse, unemployment and crime. These are exacerbated by over-policing of marginalised communities and harsher outcomes in the criminal justice system for similar offending and “law and order” approaches such as move-on laws, systematic strip searches and sniffer dogs which unneccesarily entangle young people in the criminal justice system.

The focus of funding should be early intervention, community support, drug and alcohol counselling and rehabilitation and crime prevention programs. The ongoing over-representation of First Nations young people in prisons in NSW must be urgently addressed. David has led the campaigns against the use of segregation and torture-like techniques against children in prisons.

We will continue to work with young people, their families and advocates to challenge the unfair laws that see young people unfairly penalised, identify over-policing  and the harassment of young people through the criminal justice system. If you have concerns about a police interaction, treatment within a juvenile justice facility or other contact with the justice system get in touch at [email protected]

Get the latest on David’s work in this portfolio.

Read the Greens NSW policy on Juvenile Justice.