Police and Emergency Services


The Greens were a core part of the campaign for an independent oversight body for policing that delivered the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission. We will continue to work to ensure this is a well-resourced, independent, fair and prompt body for over-sighting potential misconduct.

We continue to push for the removal of firearms and Tasers from general duties police, and support a move towards a model of community policing where community safety is a key priority in all interactions. We also support programs that have more appropriate first responders deployed, as in the PACER program where trained mental health experts are deployed with police for people in severe mental distress.

The Greens NSW are the only major party in NSW that opposes the police use of drug dogs. The use of dogs does little to affect usage of drugs but has resulted in substantial impacts on civil liberties. Figures obtained by our office show that police drug dogs continue to be ineffective, with a high false positive rate of between 64% and 80% depending on location.

Too many police suffer psychological injury at work and too often they are not given the support needed to cope with their injuries. In consultation with injured police, their families and relevant experts our office released a comprehensive roadmap for reform on police psychological injury.Get the latest on Davids work in this portfolio.

Emergency Services 

The Greens continue to work with firefighters, volunteers and affected communities to ensure everyone has quality protection for their home and community. We support proper funding of the Rural Fire Service by the Government to ensure volunteers have what they need to do the important work they do.

We have a draft bill before Parliament which would see Celeste Barber’s fund of $52 million able to be used to assist those who most need it, and not just to defray Government costs. The inquiry into this is here.

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