David works with teachers, students, parents, school cleaners, representative organisations and other interested groups on education related issues. Read more about David’s work in this area here. 

We believe every student in NSW has a right to a high quality comprehensive public education.

Resources within public education should be allocated to achieve equity in educational opportunity and outcome. Public education should be funded so that it is free and so that every learner in a public facility receives the highest quality education. All children and young people have the right to a safe and protective learning environment.

We continue to campaign for:

  • The removal of chaplains and scripture classes from schools – public schools are not an appropriate place for proselytising
  • Support for students with a disability to ensure that those students who want to can always go to their local public school
  • Removal of public funding from elite private schools and reinvestment of that money into the public education system
  • Funding for TAFE as a world class vocational education agency
  • Quality wages and conditions for teachers from early childhood through to university including security of tenure and fair wages for hours worked – teaching conditions are learning conditions and these must be central to any work in this area
  • Free early childhood education for all children in recognition of the essential nature of this in providing educational and improving equity


Read more about David’s work in this area here.