Gun control

Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge is the Greens NSW spokesperson on Firearms (including hunting on public land) opposing the emergence of a U.S. style gun culture in NSW. He led the campaign to abolish the Government funded lobby group “The Game Council” which was successful in July 2013.

We have continued to expose the increasing numbers of firearms in private hands in NSW and the way the gun laws currently in place are failing to stop people stockpiling weapons. Our Too Many Guns Portal is here.

Guns and hunting have been prominent features of NSW politics for over a decade, with Labor and Coalition governments striking deals and horse-trading with the Shooters and Fishers Party in the NSW Upper House to pass contentious legislation.

Deals between the government and the Shooters Party have not only led to savage cuts to victims’ and workers’ compensation, cuts to public sector wages and conditions and the privatisation of the state’s electricity generators and ports, they have also weakened firearms laws and increased recreational hunting on public land.

The Greens will continue to campaign for stronger firearms laws, in accordance with the 1996 National Firearms Agreement. We are also working towards an end to recreational hunting on public land, to ensure that wild animal control is done effectively, professionally and humanely.