Workers Rights

We are working to implement a comprehensive Green New Deal which includes a Jobs Guarantee where every person can get a meaningful job if they want one. This would mean important work could be done, workers could build their skills and experience, and the cycle of unemployment could be ended.

We support a strong public sector where essential workers receive fair wages and quality conditions while working for institutions owned by all of us.

The Greens believe that a strong and vibrant union movement is a central component of a healthy democracy. Without the protection of a trade union, the remuneration and working conditions of all workers are diminished by the economic and industrial power of employers.

We will push for the rights of injured workers to receive full compensation for workplace injuries and the right of unions and unionists to take industrial action without legal impediment, to protect and promote their legitimate workplace interests.

The Greens campaign for greater security of employment for all workers. All workers should have access to fair wages and conditions – including access to sick leave so they can protect their own and their colleagues health if they get sick.